Friday, June 10, 2011


A brief, photo tour down the main road of my village
Far end of my village

I see houses like this set way up on hills and I think to myself "that would be such a pain in the butt in the winter," but then I remember that they don't have to deal with snow here

Nice ocean view across from a big field with some fales

There are a lot of horses in Samoa because everybody uses them to carry food from the plantation. I was surprised the first time I saw a horse, but now it makes sense

All Mormon churches in Samoa have the same design, so you can always tell where the Mormon church is

All Mormon churches also have basketball courts

Store across from the Mormon church

The playing field. It has since been upgraded with the addition of rugby posts. They are made out of huge sticks, and I don't know where they found them or how they put them up.
One of the roads leading to plantation land. Also supposedly the road that leads to where the water in my village comes from - when there is water, that is

Assembly of God church

One side of "the valley" in my village

The other side of "the valley." It's a really big hill

The preschool

More and more villages have Western Union sponsored signs now. This one was put up maybe a month ago

My fale

Another store

And the third store in my village

One of the volleyball fields in my village. It hasn't seen a lot of action recently, but it was used a lot during Christmas

My school

My favorite roadside fale

And the end of my village


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