Friday, February 11, 2011

Getting ready for school

The beginning of the new school year is the time to get off to a fresh start for the year. In Samoa, this also means that the students get to clean the bathrooms, sweep the classrooms, and pull everything out of storage. At my school, that also means some of the walls dividing the classrooms. Pictures!
The road you walk up to get to my school. Kinda feels like walking through a jungle

The only work the students didn't do - the men from the village cut the grass

Of course little boys love playing in mud

Felise is the son of the mayor of my village. He lives across the street from me, so we walk to school together. Sometimes he buys me cookies

Edwin lives next door to me. He has sass. This can turn into attitude in the classroom

Assemblies on Monday and Friday

Year 7, my class!